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Located in an elegant setting, TOWNE380 offers one of the best fine dining experiences in Laval and the Greater Montreal Area. Its ownership has built, owned, and operated numerous restaurant concepts over the course of 30 years in the hospitality industry and restaurant development. TOWNE380 has become their stronghold, propelled by industry knowledge, creativity, and passion, as well as a strong relationship with industry participants, suppliers, and an ever growing customer base of loyal patrons. This is the foundation of our steakhouse, offering a wide range of refined and diversified flavors in a new, modern steakhouse with classic ambience, and unforgettable service.

Our dry-aging chamber contains a solid wall of “Kosher Certified” Himalayan pink salt, stacked in translucent bricks of various red, orange, and pink shades. The salt particles and meat react over time to create a unique quality, characterized by its tenderness and flavour. Essentially, the salt particles from the bricks draw on moisture from the meat and surrounding air, and seep into the beef thus adding to the flavour.

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